Tea: a hug in a mug !

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

Even though its raining hard and no tidying is being done in the garden ,I could not resist going outside this morning with camera in hand to capture the beauty...also in this post , there are photos of "weeds" but they are my ingrediants...the nettles are used for tea and for speeding up the composting process in our bin , the dandelion flowers are for tea and the leaves I used today to make an infusion for myself to drink as I suffer from water retention and my ankles were all puffy...also I`m using a very expensive teeth whitener...orange peel ! A big orange will last you a week , cut an eight of the orange in a wedge shape , eat the flesh and then bite into the white of the peel, leave in your mouth for 5 minutes and honest , it works...dont mind the laughter...even Daisy laughs at me when I`m walking around trying to "talk" with an orange wedge in my gob !!! Today Nora brought over some darling chairs she had left from when she used to childmind...perfect for Miss Daisy in the homeschool room, I`d forgotten from my time in Montessori how tiny these chairs really are ! Wonderful memories :)


  1. Tia, its time to write a book but you know so much Im not sure now what to suggest you write it on.....
    Love the pictures the flowers are beautiful and i just realised I have no nettles growing in my garden, they used to grow naturally in our last house!
    The girls left a goodbye message for Aideen, bless, it was so lovely
    husgs and blessings
    looking forward to Friday

  2. hi t& a sorry its being so long since i wrote but my internet has being acting up. i have to say after the warm wheather i quite like the rain. i hope you're both enjoying the summer. i hope you're getting much better now tia, i am changing my shop around again!!! so leave to come in for a couple of weeks.iam looking a t a great japanese film on rte the kimonas are beautiful. do you like them aideen i love modern japanese style too. talk soon d