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Thursday, July 30, 2009


I HAD to choose "I`m Free" ! as my post title...just LOOK at the fun on Daisy`s face in the photo as Sean swings her upside-down in the garden today !!!! And oh what excitement , Maeve and Ella called , there were tears shed, as Aideen and Ella havent seen each other in over two weeks (the Ffrench family have been in Lucca, Italy)...Daisy ran around shouting "Ella, Ella"...and Aideen told Ella all about her new HS friends Sadhbh and Caoimhe who we are dying to get together , these 4 girls really will get on great they are SO alike....also some of the last of the summer flowers left in the garden...the time has really flown has`nt it ? Lunasasgh will soon be upon us ! Also pictured , Aideens latest "fashion" buy, a pair of funky red shoes a bargain at €3 in Dunnes, well spotted Aideen ! I HAVE missed blogging these past few days, but apart from all the work , we also had a spot of bother as I had another bad seizure last week and (dont laugh, ok do it IS funny) I feel INTO the dishwasher while having a seizure...only me I KNOW :0) I am black and blue all over , but the dishwasher came off the worst :0)

Today also was a day of thinking for us all ,as Sean has had his vasetomy (Yesterday) so it IS kinda sad knowing we can`t have any more children...BUT I do believe we will adopt or foster at some stage , I just cant imagine our home without babies ....

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  1. tia girl, what are you saying your home will always be full of kids, your so welcoming your house is for free expression not first impression, and kids know this.. just wait til the grand kids arrive! lol
    looking forward to the next gathering. its a pity we couldnt all get together today but we will soon and the four girls will no doubt have a great time.
    hugs and blessings