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Saturday, July 4, 2009

I`ve been tagged by Dee :0)

Still not quite "with it" when it comes to technology , it took me ages to work out that I`d been "tagged" by Dee from the fantabulous "Lucys Lounge" (DO check out her blog its fantastic!)...so here goes...
(a) 5 favourite songs:
1- anything by Enya
2- she moved through the fair (traditional)
3- raglan road (traditional)
4- i got you babe- sonny & cher
5- amazing grace

(b) 5 favourite films
1- the shawshank redemption
2- the bridges of madison county
3-billy elliot
4-shirley valentine
5- my fair lady (musical)

(c) 5 random things i like:
1- tea
2- chocolate
3- journal/diary writing
4- knitting
5- wildflowers

(d) 5 favourite books
1- wb yeats collected poems
2- can any mother help me ? by: jenna bailey
3- angels in my hair by: lorna byrne
4- angelas ashes - frank macourt
5- the snapper - roddy doyle

(e) crushes...
(1) huge crush on my maths teacher in school !
(2) tom cruise (I know..long time ago)
(3) my husband...when I met him and now...I fall more in love with him every day xx

well, there ya go...now ,I choose (to tag) Annah, Ciara, Jennifer,Sana, and anyone whos checking in that wants to give it a go :)

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  1. hi t & a, that school looks great! i would love to join it myself. after 44 years on this planet i am starting to think of doing some drama never thought about it before and just a seed at the moment. so maybe we can compare notes. oh theres a jokes compare 'notes' as in song... yeah i know pretty lame! love your 5 best of f everything talk soon & often. are you finished homeschooling aideen for the summer now?