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Monday, July 13, 2009

Homeschool...boring ???

WHAT a fun day we had yesterday , Nora and her girls , Sadhbh and Caoimhe (or "princess" and "rapunzel" as they are know in our house) , came over for a joint art lesson...fun was had by all , and as you can see the HS classroom is never boring , just look at Nora and Sean trying to look like serious ,mature adults in the art lesson , while I`m balanced on the kitchen sink takeing pics!!!! When the girls finished their art they played ,and played and played , while Nora and myself 9Sean snook off to his computer) , drank tea and talked, and talked and talked (well we were waiting for the paintings to dry !). Our next planned joint lesson is actually a project the 3 girls are going to do on the vikings...Nora took the kids to the shop for ice cream at one point during the day and now Daisy has started calling Nora "Ceam-Ceam" !!!!!! (Ice-cream!). Also Nora , the creams and oils witch tried looking into the future using Seans newly shaved head as a crystal ball....don`t ask !!!!

Also pictured is one of the last roses in from the garden , it had just stopped raining and the droplets on the petels took my breath away...and finally in this posting a photo of some hand-knit items that I`ve given to Nora to donate to the HEN (Homeschool Eduation Network) raffle...must do our bit :0)

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  1. Oh Tia, what a day! I had more fun I think then the kids...LOL. My crystal ball just wasn't working why oh why??? I think we need to shave another couple of mls off the top! Sean stop freaking out Im joking(maybe)
    Mrs Mumpers,Daisy is so funny and loves her cream! the girls loved the day still talking about it.
    xx nora rapunzel and princess