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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Once a month

hey girlys, what happens once a month ??? Ah no , (sorry all you guy blog readers)...well ,to me, once a month my sweet and gentle hubby gets me my fav knitting magazine "Lets Knit"...this is the day that I`m away with the knitting fairies for the evening :) A cuppa is made and I "oh" and "ah" my way through the magazine , over and over again...its a real "pick me up", often I have said to Seany , you know you can stop getting me this (I could sell knitting patterns) , its about €6 , and well , being a mammy I feel "guilty" , but NO Sean is stern about it , says its the one thing I allow to be bought for myself and I enjoy it (can`t deny that)...anyway , this month its full of "flower power " patterns, just right up my street...also , gosh, memories of NYC , what did I find in Aldi when we were shopping ??? Only a herseys chocolate bar...I havent touched it yet , Sean says I`m def losin it, sitting with a stupid grin on me face smiling at a bar of chocolate ! But , memories of friends and they showing me the sites of NYC after 2 weeks of hard (but fun) work , tasting the American foods...I can almost smell and feel the streets and hear the wonderful NYC twang...now, on the other hand, today we went slightly bonkers and took the kids (MAJOR treat) to the new Mcdonalds here in Maynooth...can I just say this...NEVER AGAIN !!!!! OMG, the food, salt in a bag , the kids were doing their heads, hello people , take responsibility for your kids...they were ruining everyones meals !!!! Our kids (No, they are NOT perfect) just sat open-mouthed looking at the kids shouting , being rude to staff...you name it ! Aideen was excited as normally a trip to a place like this only takes place twice a year in Dublin, but she was SO astounded by the noise , etc she sat at the table (thanks to the 2 nice ladies who let us share their table by the way), and she kept saying "Mom , I know its the public school holidays, but do the parents not see what their kids are at " ???? This is coming from an 11 year old ! Daisy only ate the raisins (the healthy bit) and some of the juice from her kids meal...poor Sean had to eat all our left-overs...But thats my man , the bin :) as you can see from the pic he had nno trouble with all the salt :) but then again, he has eaten octupus and such like...so sorry Mcdonalds, we wont be seeing ya again ! Oh sorry folks for moaning on , but it really got to me, I couldnt get over the fact that not only were your chips salted whether you wanted it or not ,but the kids meal chips were salted too...now, on a positive note we meet a lovley photographer from VENTURE photography and we are only going for an hours photography shoot in while we are in Skerries next month !!!! We`ve to bring in something we like so Sean said hes bringing in his fishing rod, I will bring my knitting and a cup of tea and Aideen and Daisy are bringing in one of their music cds that they like dancing to together...we`ll have seperate pics taken ,and then a family portrait , we are all looking forward to it as you can just "be yourself" its not a sit and smile portrait , so with Sean and his rod, me knitting and the girls dancing should make for a fun family pic :)

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