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Saturday, June 27, 2009

MAGNETificent !

Poor Aideen was permanently yawning earlier on, she had to go to the Drs. to have a growth removed from her hand, and she was given valium to relax her for the operation...in the end she was so "out of it" Sean had to ring a taxi to bring them the short distance to the Drs office, bless ! But , happily all went well ,and the offending growth was removed , her hand is still bleeding tonight ,but thats normal as the root was deep...so proud of her ,normally even the sight of a needle is enough to have Aideen run a mile !

As a family, we are in general against plastic...toys, etc...but poor Daisy really had nowhere (her size) to sit ,so today on the way back from the organic market we spotted this little chair and got it for her...as you can see she LOVES having her own special seat!

I thought I`d better take a pic of my magnet collection...now that we have some of the kitchen cleared ,etc in the cottage I have TWO fridges to cover in magnets :0) So, if you`re off on hols please do bring me back a magnet !
I find it hard to pick my fav ,but theres one always makes me laugh ,Sean got it for me, it has a picture of a rather haressed looking Mom on it and it says "Ok, so its NOT Home -Sweet-Home...ADJUST" !!!!!

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  1. you poor things i think i'll have to send you a truck full of cotton wool and wrap you all up in it.so looking forward to aideen's letter.