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Sunday, June 28, 2009

As time goes by...

WHERE does the time go??? Is it true it goes faster as we grow older? Heres my "baby" who will be the grand old age of 2 next Sunday (5th)...and I just Can`t believe it , I truly can`t !!! Look at her ,she was smiling when she came out this one !!!! Her eyes have a permanent twinkle ,that remind me SO of her sister Shauna who passed when I was just 2months pregnant with Daisy...but I have a beautiful story to tell Daisy of how her big sister picked her name just before she died...and you know the name suits her to a tee :)
Without her I don`t know how Sean, Aideen and myself would have coped when Shauna passed...is`nt it funny the way things work out all the same ??? Imagine today, this "baby" told her dad while we were all sitting outside wating our supper that he "did too" when he said he did`nt do something !!!! Character is the one word that I think would truly cover this little one`s personality...as the old saying goes she`d make a cat laugh :) Her party will be a VERY small affair this year , as lots of friends, etc are away ,etc so it`ll be just us and maybe one or two more...but we`ll still put up the balloons and have a cake...also we`re heading to Wexford tomorrow to my brothers ,and we`re having a small "do" there for Daisy and Sean (who is 40)...I really can`t wait to get home and I hope the sun shines, I`d love to take some photos of the village where I grew up and share them with you all...

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  1. Oh, its so precious to see Fairy so young. She still has the same magical cheeky look. She is so gorgeous and so full of character and charm. I'm so thrilled to be her Godmother, and can't wait for the weekend......