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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unexpected April Sunshine :)

Friday night is movie night and Aideen and Ella do it in style...popcorn, roaring fire, curtains pulled and blankies...these girls are good to themselves ...and why not???
Ella sizes up the circus tent :)

Sean, a blackbelt and judge in Tae Kwon Do does some strecthing, me I find it hard to strech in the morning :) Guess thats what getting old does to ya !

Well...Im off !!!! Daisy just "takes off" these days and gets highly annoyed that we have to follow her !!!

This is for YOU Grandma Daisy-Lila xxx

The nutters :) Ella is our "adopted" child as we call her now shes part of the furniture as Aideen is in the Ffrench household...arent friendships great ?

Oh Happy Days...Aideen was mortified, as she had been mistaken for me as we walked to the playground...are we THAT alike ???

Daisy has her own backpack now...small as it is shes smaller, its a scream to see her she wears it from morn till night ! She has to be Dora the Explorers BIGGEST fan, seriously its bordering on cult now ! We are all driven demented with Dora...but hey you`re only young once !

It was a gloriously hot day the other day so we quickly packed up some drinks, strawberries, bananas, cakes and crisps and took total advantage, Ella was down so we first went to the playground, then after the picnic back to the playground ! Also Fossetts circus was setting up so we watched that for a while, and then we went for a smoothie...it was a great afternoon...and honestly we were hardly back in the door when a downpour started ! Im telling ya thats irish weather for ya :)

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  1. So lovely to see more posts up here..... The one of Fairy with her Backpack is adorable, and the daisy too.....