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Monday, September 7, 2009

Crafty women are they...

Yippee...my sanity has thus been restored ! Tonight our weekly craft meetings started back in our little ICA hall...and were we glad to see each other , lock ourselves in , Grannies and Mammies alike , have a chat , some tea and treats and of course crafting ! We are a higgley -piggeldy bunch of ladies from all walks of life , but we blend well...and those 3 hours restore our sanity till the following week . We were discussing tonight that its such a pity that "younger" women (I am the youngest member by 25 years granted) , are not into joining the ICA anymore...no offence taken ,we KNOW everyone associates us with "old wans" ,but Im here to tell you now , it couldnt be more different ! It makes me sad to think in years to come I could well be the only member left...hopefully by then more will have embraced the ,well , mend and make do policy...these bunch of ladies took me under their wing and its like visiting a room full of aunties every Monday night ,with our monthly meetings of course thrown in. As well as crafting , we do things for charities (at the moment we knit hats for preemie babies and also little t-shirts for babies in foreign countries and for christmas we are making lovley bandana-type pieces to give to the hospitals to give to the lady cancer patients)...we`re also planning our Christmas "do" a lovley meal in a hotel in the midlands , and plenty more...I could go on , I tell you if these "old" ladies can do this , can you imagine what the "young wans" could do???

Also , if you live in Ireland , join (yes, its free) : Pigsback.com : you can print out shopping coupons every couple of weeks , up to €17 worth ...so join up now, pictured are the coupons I printed out this evening ,between them Im going to save €7 on my shop , not bad for nothing :0)

Wish I had pics of Sean working in the garden with me today...but we were COVERED in muck , etc so camera remained indoors...we have pains were we didnt know we had muscles hee-hee and if the sun doth shine tomorrow he`ll be digging again !

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  1. I wish SO very much that I could be part of this group! Looks like so much fun!!