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Friday, August 14, 2009

Twilight reflections

Soem of these pictures were "accidental" some not...but for some reason today I couldnt stop taking "reflective" photographs ! Come to think of it I WAS in a relective mood...is`nt the fairy GORGEOUS ? Her name is BREENA and she is a gift from Sean and the girls from their trip to Dublin yesterday , they are too sweet , never forget me ! She now sits beside the photos of Ryan and Shauna were candles are lit to/for them everyday...and she even has pink for Shauna and blue for Ryan ! Also we managed to plant soem lettuce into old cartons today to grow inside on the window ledges so that during the winter we (hopefully) will have the taste of the outdoors to enjoy ! And the cd of Emily Dickenson poems (being sung) is a gift from our dear friend, Martha in Florida...thankyou Martha ! Martha is a very gifted Ballet and Belly-dance dancer who put us up in her beautiful home in Florida while we were there last year...and even though its a week away yet we couldnt resist "packing" a few bits for our trip to Skerries...Sean scored a great bargain with this lined picnic blanket for only €4 ! And also we have some nature book and our watercolours and of course the compass (dont ask) packed....oh excitement :0)


  1. tia, i think the pictures ar stunning, the fairy is gorgeous and the sunflowers are beautful are they real??? yeah i know thats probably a daft question to ask you! lol
    the pictures are so calm and serene it makes the house seem very quiet and still....a good time to be reflective. you got it just right.
    hugs and blessings

  2. Such beautiful images Tia. I especially love the one of the lamp reflected, and as always, the Sunflowers.
    Hope the offer is still on for us to come and see you all in Skerries....... But I hope to see you before that. Let us know when you are up for a visit....