Tea: a hug in a mug !

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Changing rooms...

I adore this cute poster on the girls bedroom door...a gift from an American friend. Aideen gives Nora a huge hug to thank her for all her help with decorating a great girly bedroom !

Tia ... you never lose it once you`ve done public speaking , even family and friends become unwilling "audiences" to your speeches heehee !

After a long 2 years , we`ve finally cleaned out (properly) what used to be Aideen and Shaunas room...its been hard on Aideen she feels that by getting rid of Shaunas things shes letting her go , but at last with lots of great help , we`ve done it ! Its now Aideen and Daisy`s room (getting Daisy to sleep in the bed is a long and for her ,fun process) ! But even though we`ve to yet paint the wradrobe , and some wood parts and also put up some voile, in the main its done. Its tricky decorating a room that a pre-teen and a toddler must share , but we think we hit the spot !

Also in this range of pics , having (one of many) tea breaks and Noras disguist as I explain to her the many pros of an outside dry toilet (shes an andrex toilet roll gal) LOL...enjoy the pics !

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  1. lol...whats wrong with Andrex toilet rolls???? I love the pic of me and aidi thanks for the print guys...and thank you for allowing me to be apart of such an emotional change that has taken place in your life...
    blessing and hugs to you all...